dog training in Point Loma

Preparing Your Dog with Proper Dining Manners

There are so many great restaurants in San Diego that allow pets on their patio. However just because they allow pets doesn’t necessarily mean that yours is ready for the experience. In order to maximize the good time that you, your friends, and your dog have at the restaurant of your choice, you must make dog raining in Point Loma a necessity so your dog knows what to do and when to do it. A poorly behaved dog may end up getting you booted from a restaurant, causing a scene with humans or other dogs, or may even end up with the restaurant changing its policies. The least troubling thing that may happen is that you and your guests have a miserable time because your dog lacked the appropriate manners and dog training in Point Loma necessary to bringing your dog to the table. As you work on this skill, try using some of these tips.


Ignore Your Pup

When you’re sitting at the table, whether you’re waiting for food or you’re eating, you must consider what it says to your dog if you’re giving her constant attention. The most important thing for her is to get comfortable and to not worry about getting more attention or think that she deserves it just for being there. Try to make a point of ignoring her so she understands she’s not part of the table, she’s just at it with you. This may take some time and consistency. This is part of dog training in Point Loma and must be thought of that way rather than that it’s mean. Your dog will interpret this action far differently than you do.


Go for a Walk and Feed First

What can really help a dog settle into place under the table is going for a walk first. Imagine being antsy at home, going somewhere, and being told you have to sit in place and do nothing while you’re still full of energy. Walking your dog prior to meal time can help with settling in under the table and if you do it enough, it becomes habit and successful dog training in Point Loma.

With that said, if you take your dog or a long walk (or even twenty minutes), you should offer your dog at least a bit of kibble upon return. Depending on how intense your walk was, your dog may be hungry and it is simply cruel to induce hunger in your pet only to take them somewhere with food that they cannot have. Dog training in Point Loma for table manners includes teaching your dog to fill their stomach at least somewhat before going to the restaurant in order to control hunger and nose probing your arm for handouts.


Know Your Dog’s Personality

Not all dogs can take dog training in Point Loma and learn proper table manners, particularly if they are unsocialized. The most important thing for dog safety and a happy fine dining experience is to know whether your dog is social enough to handle sitting at a table where other dogs or people might be. If not, work on the socialization and dog training in Point Loma on your own and as your dog becomes more comfortable, test his new limits. Never rush the process though as it may set you back instead of move you forward.