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Should Vets in Point Loma be Frequented?

Vets in Point Loma have, and always will, play an important role in your dog’s life. They insure health, assist in pain and disease management, and contribute to the cure for ailments that your dog may have contracted. Their biggest role, however, is preventing illnesses and catching them early on in order to keep pet suffering and vet bills lower. Most vets in San Diego are incredibly compassionate and empathetic to the animals that come into their care. With that said, many pet parents neglect how often they should take their pets in to see the vets.


What Stops Typical Pet Parents from Visiting Vets in Point Loma?

When pet parents avoid vets in Point Loma, there are a handful of reasons (or excuses) that are commonly used. All of which have reasonable responses to combat and take away the excuses. Common objections include:


It’s too expensive.

Regular veterinary care for health checkups is typically very affordable. Some vets in San Diego also offer their own pet insurance to help you pay for regular office visits and specialty treatment. Preventative care is rarely expensive, though treatment can get pricy. You should always include vet bill costs into the overall cost of the dog before you adopt, whether they’re a puppy or an older dog.


It’s inconvenient to get to.

There are so many vets in Point Loma that if your current vet is hard to get to, you should investigate some that are closer. This is a huge reason that many pet parents neglect the vets. They are out of the way and lack the time to drive out for them. Don’t let this be the reason your dog gets sick.


My dog doesn’t really go out much.

Regardless of how little your dog may socialize with humans or other animals outside the home, that doesn’t mean they won’t come into contact with germs via carriers or in their yard. Wild and domestic, outdoor animals travel in and out of yards all the time. Humans can also carry germs from others through their clothing or germs on their hands.


So When Should Dogs See Vets in Point Loma?

Puppies should visit the vets in Point Loma a few times in their first year for their boosters, puppy shots, regular checkup, and to be fixed if they are not meant to breed. Dogs who are ages 1 year to 6 years should go on a yearly basis for a normal checkup and should receive their regular parasite prevention medication at the regular intervals. Dogs who are older than 6 years should visit annually for a checkup and to have blood work done to prevent or protect against health deterioration that comes with age.

If you notice changes in your dog’s behavior or believe her to have been exposed to something, take your dog to vets in Point Loma to have her checked out. It’s always better to be safer than sorry. Sudden changes to note may include:


  • Sudden aggression
  • Lethargy
  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Loss of hair
  • Signs of pain
  • Irregular mood
  • Irregular coat or skin health
  • Signs of parasites