dog safety in Point Loma

Talk Like a Dog

Because dogs don’t speak English (or any other human language, it’s important that we understand them. Without the proper knowledge of how dogs communicate and how they communicate when they do speak, we can put ourselves in danger and risk dog safety in Point Loma. Dogs aren’t hard to understand if you know what to look for. Misunderstanding dog body language is actually a large reason dog injuries happen and that means many dog-related injuries can be prevented by simply knowing how to talk the talk.


The Relaxed and Approachable Look

A fully relaxed and approachable dog will show that they desire to be pet through the expression on their face. They will appear calm, neutral, and relaxed. Their bodies will hold no tension and may also be panting happily. The tail may or may not wag, it may also hang around your dog’s legs, but should never be tucked between the legs. The back should be flat, not rounded up or down and the ears will be in their usual relaxed posture. There should be no threat to dog safety in Point Loma in this position.


The Anxious or Nervous Look

When your dog is looking anxious or nervous, you should be careful when approaching your dog as anxiety can quickly put dog safety in Point Loma at risk. An Anxious dog will have its tail low, and it may sway or wag. It will be leaning back or turning its body, and it’s ears will be back. Often dogs show this posture when they are uncomfortable and do not know what is going on. It is usually better not to approach or pet a dog at this point unless you can clear them safely. Never force yourself towards them when they are nervous.

A frightened dog takes anxious or nervousness to the next level and shows that a dog is not only worried, but they feel like there is a threat in the area. Dog safety in Point Loma is really put at risk here as dogs who feel frightened are waiting to initiate fight or flight and often this fear turns into aggression. A frightened dog has flat ears, a tucked tail, and may be crouching slightly or heavily.


The Aggressive Look

Aggressive dogs should never be approached, in fact, there are a few specific things you should do when you want to calm or get away from an aggressive dog. The most important thing to maintain dog safety in Point Loma and get away with minimal damage on both parts is to recognize that there is no hackles (or raised hair) on the neck and the stiff posture. The dog may have a raised tail that is wagging, similar to a flag or quickly back and forth. If you see an aggressive dog, do not run, but stand still. Movement is likely to make the situation worse.

Dogs communicate using all parts of their bodies at all times. Each of these three emotional states have wagging tails. Happiness and playfulness may contain a wagging tail as well. While overall dog body language can help keep dog safety in Point Loma, you will need to understand your dog on a personal level as each dog expresses themselves just a little bit differently than the others.