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Is Trimming My Dog’s Fur Right for the Summer?

When the hot weather hits, we all think of our long-haired dogs and whether they’re suffering or not in the heat. It’s easy to start thinking about dog grooming in Point Loma with the California summers, but is it the right choice for your dog to be shaved down or will that be more damaging to your dog’s health?


Can Shaving a Dog Really Hurt Its Health?

This is a little known fact, even to pet parents who own this type of dog, but dogs who have a double coat are actually less safe in the sun when they are shaved. Double-coated dogs are often recognized as northern dogs meant for colder climates, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any of them in warmer states or climates. Huskies, Chows, and Shibas are all examples of dogs with double coats. Not all dogs have double coats. To find out if your dog has one and whether they would benefit from haircut dog grooming in Point Loma, talk to your vet about your dog’s specific breed.


What Do Double Coats Do?

Double-coats are a great advantage that northern dogs have. In the winter and colder climates, they provide insulation to help the dog stay warmer when the temperature drops and when there’s snow on the ground. Those double coats also provide protection in the opposite weather. When it’s hot and sunny outside, the insulation still exists and instead of protecting them from the cold, they help maintain the dog’s body temperature better by insulating the lower temperature than what the sun is projecting. Dogs with double coats also have more sensitive skin so when their fur is cut, they are far more prone to sunburns, skin cancer, and dry skin. Because dogs don’t sweat through their skin, cutting their fur through dog grooming in Point Loma won’t help these breeds cool down, but will actually assist in making them hotter and burning their skin.


Should All Dogs Go Unshaved or have Special Dog Grooming in Point Loma?

No. While double coated dogs do not benefit from haircuts from dog grooming in Point Loma, that doesn’t mean all dogs suffer from it. There are other dogs who must have their hair cut and trimmed or kept short regularly in order for their coats to be kept. If you’re not sure whether your dog needs regular haircuts, talk to dog grooming in Point Loma as your dog groomer should know whether trimming is healthy for your dog’s coat or not. If you’re very worried, you can always consult vets in Point Loma as they specialize in dog health.