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The Importance of Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and neutering are important tasks for any pet parent not planning to breed. Spaying is the act of taking out a female dog’s reproductive parts and neutering is the act of removing a male dog’s testicles. Both are things that vets in Point Loma can do. While it might seem like simple population control, spaying and neutering pets who are not meant to reproduce have a much greater impact on the health of the animal as well as your community.


How Spaying or Neutering Is Good For Your Dog

Vets in Point Loma will tell you the same thing; spaying or neutering your pet has incredible health benefits for them. It’s been proven that animals who are fixed live a longer, healthier life. Spaying and neutering can also reduce, if not completely eliminate, a number of health problems that can be expensive to treat. Some of those health problems include cancer on certain body parts, like ovarian, mammary, or uterine cancer on females and prostate disease or testicular cancer on male dogs.


How Spaying and Neutering Helps You and Your Community

It’s hard to think about putting your puppy through surgery. Many pet parents avoid spaying and neutering fearing that it will damage their dog and their relationship because of the pain. However vets in Point Loma will tell you otherwise. Spaying or neutering can actually make your dog more affectionate and a better companion. It can also bring down the dominance or need to mark territory in male and female dogs.

Spaying your female dog will help eliminate her procreating cycle which can last up to two weeks in some dogs and happens twice a year. These cycles can be extremely painful for female dogs if they do not become impregnated. They can also leave blood on your furniture, become nervous, and may attract aggressive male attention from other dogs. Vets in Point Loma will also tell you that dogs who are unfixed are more likely to have temperament problems or become aggressive. With that said, sterilized dogs are typically friendlier and less likely to bite or end up in dog fights.

There are so many abandoned and unwanted dogs born every year due to pets accidentally getting pregnant because they were not fixed and were around other dogs who were also unfixed. By having your dogs spayed or neutered, you help cut down the population of unwanted dogs that are filling the animal rescue centers. This, in turn, can help cut back on the number of dogs who are doomed to death by lack of adoption, space in rescues, or victims to wild animals.


Cost of Spaying or Neutering

You can find spaying or neutering done at vets in Point Loma for a relatively low price. It’s not an incredibly expensive procedure. However if you’re worried about the cost, you can also check with local ASPCAs as they often also offer a lower cost treatment to help with dog safety in Point Loma.

When you leave your dog at the vets in Point Loma or the ASPCA, you can be assured that they will be well taken care of. The procedure is done while the dog is under anesthesia. Most vets in Point Loma will call you shortly after the procedure is done. However sometimes vets will insist on observing your dog for a few hours after surgery or up to a few days if complications arise.

For more information on spaying and neutering your dogs, contact local vets in San Diego.