dog grooming in Point Loma

Get the Most out of Dog Grooming in Point Loma

Dog grooming in Point Loma offers dogs overall health benefits for your dog including a shinier, healthier coat and skin. Dog grooming in Point Loma can also rejuvenate the spirit of your dog. With a little creativity and hard work, you can get more out of that last grooming trip for play and for health.


Do a Photoshoot

Most pet parents have no problem obsessively taking pictures with or of their dog. After a dog grooming in Point Loma, consider doing your own photo shoot. Your dog’s coat should be shiny, clean, and fluffy if they have moderate to long hair. You can go to the park, stay at home, or pick some other special venue. Your photo shoot can be as extensive or easy as you want it to be. It can even just be done with your phone. Your dog will love the extra time spent with you and you can always finish off the fun day with a scoop of ice cream at a dog friendly restaurant in Point Loma that also serves doggie Sundaes.


Have Regular Brushing Sessions Between Grooming

While regular dog grooming in Point Loma is helpful and can do a lot to maintain and improve coat and skin health, however dogs with longer hair who are prone to matting or knots may need their hair brushed on a regular basis. If you have a longer haired dog, you may consider spending some time together to brush her out regularly to make the next trip to dog grooming in San Diego easier.


Strut Your Stuff

When your dog comes freshly fluffed out of dog grooming in Point Loma, consider showing yourself and your dog off around town. Take a walk through the park, downtown area, or one of your other favorite spots to frequent. Your dog will enjoy the feel of the wind in her fur, the exercise, and the chance to unwind after being at grooming for the last couple of hours. To make the most of your newly groomed dog, avoid dog parks where your dog may roll around in the grass and dirt.

Dog grooming in Point Loma is great for pet parents to maintain their dogs and to spend extra time with their dogs doing in between activities like walks and brushing. Bonding with your dog and regular dog grooming are a sure way to a stronger doggie relationship for you and your pet family.