dog training in point loma

Keeping Your Smart Dog Stimulated

For any healthy dog, proper brain stimulation is necessary. There are a few ways to keep your dog mentally active from day to day including dog training in Point Loma or brain games that you either purchased from pet stores in San Diego or have made up on your own. All dog breeds are born with an inherent job or ability weaved into their DNA. Some dogs are hunters, some are herders, some guardians, others companions, and so on. These instincts are directly connected to your dog’s brain and when they appease their DNA purpose, they are happier and healthier. Without the appropriate daily stimulation, your dog may end up with behavioral and health problems.


Dogs Love Job and Dog Training in Point Loma

If you find yourself lacking the tools necessary to give your dog the mental stimulation that they need, consider giving your dog a job such as carrying or retrieving things. Some dogs actually have the DNA job of retrieving things for their masters or packs. Dog training in Point Loma is sometimes necessary to normalize the task for the dog, but after so long, it will become second nature. As you have your dog do a service for you, you will notice a smile on their face or a wag on their tail saying this is their dream job and you just made it come true.


Provide Activities for Your Dog To Do

Whether you’re going to work, school, or just busy for the day, never leave your dog with nothing to occupy himself with. Regularly give him bones to chew on, toys to figure out, or other treats that he can occupy himself with. If you leave a dog to his own devices and expect him to simply lay there and sleep, you may be asking for trouble. Dogs don’t destroy things or get into trouble out of spite, but they can do it out of excessive mental and physical energy that has to manifest itself in some way or it becomes inwardly destructive. If your dog has problems with destructive chewing or obsessive barking/digging, she may be trying to send you the message she needs dog training in Point Loma or other mental stimulation because her brain has no outlet.


Don’t Neglect Exercise or Interaction

Dogs need to be regularly exercised just like people do, or they can develop health problems, just like people. They also are social creatures and need regular interaction or they can develop behavioral issues. Most dogs are not prepared to live outside by themselves for long periods of time or for most of their lives. Dogs need and even crave interactions with people. However if you shield your dog from regular interactions with people, you’re missing an opportunity for dog training in Point Loma and socializing. A lack of human (and dog) interaction and develop into fears, anxiety, or aggression towards people and other dogs. If you’re not sure whether you can devote enough time to socializing your dog, you may want to consider holding off purchasing a dog or find a pet that needs less attention such as fish.