dog safety in point loma

Maintaining Dog Safety in Point Loma Through a Dog Attack

Aggression in dogs typically rises out of a dog from fear, but there are other reasons a dog may appear aggressive and these behaviors may show differently on the aggression scale from simply becoming rigid to attacking rabidly and shaking. You should familiarize yourself at least vaguely on the different ways that dogs show aggression in order to better your understanding for dog safety in Point Loma. As a dog owner, you’ll notice that all dogs express themselves differently. You don’t have to memorize dog body language, but having a vague idea of what to expect can help the situation incredibly.


What to Do if an Aggressive Dog Threatens You


Remain Calm

Dogs are empathetic creatures and feed off the emotion of those around them. If a dog is being aggressive towards you, maintain dog safety in Point Loma by maintaining a calm and still exterior.


Avoid Eye Contact and Don’t Smile

If you make eye contact or smile at the dog, you put dog safety in Point Loma at risk as these things often communicate a fight for dominance or that you’d like to battle. A toothy smile is often equated to baring one’s teeth to a dog and staring is understood as asking for a fight. Do not be surprised if a dog lunges at you if you do these things.


Use a Soft Voice

The tone of voice you use often matters much more than whatever you’re actually saying. Maintain dog safety in Point Loma by keeping your voice calm and even and never reverting to angry, loud screaming.


Equip the Fetal Position

If you’re already on the ground when the dog attacks or is getting aggressive, use the fetal position to cover your head with your arms and curl your fingers into a fist so that the dog has fewer limbs to grab onto, making human and dog safety in Point Loma more secure.


Don’t Pull From the Bite

Pulling from a dog who is biting you or hitting the dog can actually make the aggression worse. They may become more rabid and this puts both you and the dog in more danger. To maintain dog safety in Point Loma, do not fight or hit the dog, but remain calm and try to put something between you and the dog such as a jacket, backpack, or anything else you can find nearby.


Ways to Prevent Aggression in San Diego

Dog safety in Point Loma isn’t hard to maintain if you take the right steps. Simple things like the following can make a huge difference:


  • Spay and neuter your animals if you’re not planning to breed.
  • Avoid tug-of-war.
  • Avoid roughhousing.
  • Socialize your dog and attend behavior training classes.
  • Do not try to take food or toys away from your dog.
  • Have enough toys for all the dogs in your home.
  • Do not allow your dog to roam off leash or unsupervised.