dog food in Point Loma

A Little Info on Dog Food in Point Loma

When you enter pet stores in Point Loma, you are likely to notice the large variety that dog food in Point Loma comes in. Knowing the differences between dog foods, their nutritional values, and your dog’s dietary needs are key to a longer, healthier life for your dog. There are a couple different types of dog foods in Point Loma that you will find in pet stores and then some that you will not. The best diets for dogs include rotating meal plans, but that’s a topic for another blog. For now, here’s a quick rundown of types of dog food in Point Loma.


Dry Dog Food in Point Loma

One of the most popular types of dog food in Point Loma includes kibble. Kibble usually comes in pellets of various sizes and flavors. Kibble and dry dog food offer less fats and higher protein than other food. One of the bigger downfalls for dry food is that dogs can become bored or tired of it because it is not always as flavorful as other foods, be it wet food or human food that they’re trying. Dry food comes in varieties such as basics with less protein for less athletic dogs, weight control, coat management, and high-performance. Puppy kibble is known to be higher in fat and nutrients because puppies need the extra attention. If older dogs are fed puppy food, this can lead to weight gain.

Wet Dog Food in Point Loma

Wet dog food in San Diego typically comes in a can. It is high in flavor and also high in fat. If wet dog food is going to be used as part of your dog’s diet, it’s often suggested that it’s mixed with a diet of kibble as well to cut down on the amount of wet food eaten and to level out the nutrients.


Semi-Moist Dog Food in Point Loma

For the most part, semi-moist foods and jerkies are contained to dog treats. While you can find hard dog treats in the shapes of bones or cookies, you will also find soft pellets, drops, dried meat, and other soft/hard mixed texture food for treating your during training. These foods are usually high in fat and flavor and should never be used for meal replacement.


Human Food as Dog Food in Point Loma

Part of the rotational diet includes using human food as dog food in Point Loma. Often these foods can also be used if your dog has an upset stomach because they are simple foods. Things like long-grain rice and chicken breast are incredibly simple to make and easy on your dog’s stomach. Certain fish, beef, and pork can also be used as dog food or as part of a rotational diet. Some vegetables like broccoli are also dog-safe and high in nutrition.